What You Will Be Doing When You Buy YouTube Views


Forget the spellchecker on your word processing dialogue when you type this heading out on the screen in front of you. The line has been typed out exactly as you wished, without the question mark. This is the desktop screen in front of you. It is stationed familiarly on your desk. This is where you have spent many months diligently working out what you would like to be doing for the rest of your life.

buy YouTube views

At this stage, like most of your peers, you are thinking of money. That’s alright, because this is what we all need to survive, not so. But today, you have made progress which goes beyond just how much money you have in the bank.

The above heading – what you will be doing when you buy YouTube views – is not a question, as much as your desktop spellchecker would like to prompt you. From your side it is now a statement of intent. You are in the throes of creating a functional checklist that you can work easily enough with. You are sifting the wheat from the chaff in an effort to get rid of all the clutter of your life. Live is complex enough as it is and now you wish to simplify things.

You now know this much about your life. Whatever your goals are, you know that it is possible to achieve them. Going beyond just the money, you are now addressing your self-worth. You are interested in value creation. Whatever you will be doing in the future will make you quite happy. One thing you have come to appreciate about this life of yours is that whatever you do, whatever you are good at doing, and whatever you do that makes you happy, can make others happy too.

That is the essence of a highly successful and richly rewarding life. Whether you make a thousand dollars this month or one hundred million dollars in the next few years – that money, by the way, is yours, it is what they will determine is your personal net worth, all after profit taking and the bills and taxes have been paid – whatever you have done or created is making a positive difference to other people’s lives. Even if you have brought something positive to the table just for those closest to you, usually your family members who rely on you, or would like you to succeed, you have achieved something great.

But you have discovered that in this day and age, the twenty first century; there is a mountain to climb. And if it is not a mountain that you see in front of you, and as the famous saying goes; once the first mole heap has been cleared, there’s another one in front of you.

So much work to be done. So much jockeying for position among a million others that are on the same page as you. Moving forward towards success and achieving goals set.