Include Quinoa in Delectable Side Dishes

There are many great ingredients out there being used for gluten-free diets. Not all of these ingredients are as versatile as quinoa. Asking is quinoa gluten free could be the beginning of something great! This is only one example of why this is a good item to cook with. Although it is terrific for meals and entrees, it can really shine when included with a delectable side dish.

When others ask you is quinoa gluten free, answer them with a tasty side dish example. The versatility of quinoa makes it special. You can virtually include it in each meal of the day. It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing something cold or warm. Side dishes typically work to accent the main dish or even casserole. It is possible to transform these for lunches and snacks.

Wedding Style Soup

Traditional soups of this style have meatballs, couscous, broth and vegetables. Instead of the couscous you could add quinoa. There are different brands on the market right now with varying grains. Seasoning this side dish to taste can be a nice change. This is also a good dish to start a multi-course meal. With the right ingredients this could go from a side dish to a main course alternative.

Quinoa Pilaf

The most common pilaf dishes include rice but this doesn’t have to be the case. The same concept using quinoa is a creative example. Mixing ingredients, such as almond slivers, white raisins and minced garlic is one way to prepare this dish. Quinoa cooked with vegetable broth will add to the taste and flavor of the entire presentation.

is quinoa gluten free

Vegetable Sautee

Starting with a good oil selection is important for a vegetable sautéed dish. Broccoli, asparagus and carrots are a few options to consider. Combining a quinoa ingredient will bring something new to the dish. Asian spices can make this more of a traditional side dish option. Mexican and Italian spice profiles can be used for this, as well. You may also choose a particular sauce mix for your sauté.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to side dishes with quinoa. Being creative with spices like curry, turmeric and garlic is a way to tailor the taste. These can be mildly hot or just a bit bolder. Another way to experiment with these delectable dishes is to add a variety of vegetables and meats. This is a great idea for party dishes and big meal options.